T-Shirt Quilt Services

You have a closet full of clothes. You're looking at piles of t-shirts, gobs of button downs, and what exactly are you supposed to do with all of these jerseys? Or maybe you have a baby going off to college and you want her to remember all those sweaty days during softball season. Or it's your wife's overflowing concert tees. Your boy's hockey jerseys? You need a quilt.


Whatever combination of clothes, Bon Air Quilt Company makes quilts filled with memories to last a lifetime. 

If you are interested in commissioning a quilt for yourself, a family member, or a friend, click here to contact Heather. 

In the meantime, here's the 411 on the basics.

The overall process is simple: 

1. You give us your shirts.

2. We consult with you about layout and colors.

3. We make your quilt.

4. Payment is due upon completion of the quilt. 


How much the quilt costs really depends on several variables: size, complexity of the design, complexity of the quilting itself, etc. These are ballpark figures to guide you as you consider your options and all estimates includes batting and backing. 

Lap quilts start at $450—includes sashing (for grid quilt).

Standard full size t-shirt quilt (requires 20 t-shirts): $475 (base price)—includes sashing (for grid quilt).

Standard queen size t-shirt quilt (requires 25 t-shirts): $525 (base price)—includes sashing (for grid quilt).

Standard king size t-shirt quilt (requires 36 t-shirts): $600 (base price)—includes sashing (for grid quilt).

Adding cornerstones to quilt sashing is doable and adds $75+ onto the cost of the quilt due to higher labor demands.

Custom pieced t-shirt quilts starting prices: $600 (full), $750 (queen), $900 (king) (depending on size and difficulty)—these are variable sized and require a lot of t-shirts, fabrics, and piecing.

Want to make your own t-shirt quilt? Check out our Cornerstone Quilt Pattern for instructions on making your own!

If you've already started your t-shirt adventures and have gotten stuck, email Heather at bonairquiltco@gmail.com.