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Longarm Form Instructions

Please contact Bon Air Quilt Company if you have any questions about the Longarm Form or these instructions.

Phone: (804) 335-6042

  1. Open the Longarm Intake Form in a new browser tab. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and possibly other browsers are supported. Fillable PDF forms do not work with Firefox.

  2. Enter your personal details.

    personal details
  3. Enter job details for Job 1. Leave the Stitch Pattern field blank - we will contact you to confirm this detail.

    job info
    • Length and Width: enter in inches (nearest quarter of an inch in decimal). The Area and Price fields will automatically update. The minimum job price for quilting is $50.00 (not including optional services).

    • Batting: BAQC Batting is $10.00 / yard, charged in quarters of a yard. We use 100% Cotton batting. If you prefer, you may send your own batting. Just select “Provided” in the Batting field.

    • Backing: If your backing must be pieced, please piece it before sending and select “Whole.” If you need us to piece the backing, we will gladly do so at $10.00 per seam.

    • Binding: BAQC is happy to provide machine sewn binding for your quilt with binding pieces that you provide at a rate of $0.15 per linear inch. If you need us to cut your binding to fit in addition to sewing it, the rate is $0.25 per linear inch.

    • You may use the form to specify details for up to 3 additional quilt jobs (4 total).

  1. Check over your form and be sure all the details are correct. Then Save a copy of the form.

Google Chrome Browser (preferred, other browsers similar):

    • Click the "Control Chrome" menu (three dots, upper right) and select “Print...” (or use the Ctrl+P shortcut key) - the Print dialog opens.

      print select
    • Choose “Save as PDF” from the “Destination” drop down - This is Important! Click the “Save” button in the lower right of the dialog, and choose a location and file name to save your filled copy of the form.

      save as pdf

Adobe Reader:

    • Click the “Save” icon or use the Ctrl+S shortcut key. Choose a location and file name to save your filled copy of the form.

  1. Click this link to open your email program: A new message window should appear with the subject line “Longarm Job Inquiry” and some words in the message body. If the link doesn't work, then start a new message in your email program with “Longarm Job Inquiry” in the subject line.

  2. Attach your saved copy of the intake form and mail it to us at We will respond shortly!

Once we receive your email, we will respond to confirm the details of your job and work with you to select a stitch pattern. Once confirmed, we will send you an invoice for a $50.00 deposit per job plus shipping. Follow the instructions in that email to pack your quilt job(s) and any batting, backing, and binding to prepare for shipment. After we receive your deposit payment, we will email a final confirmation and a USPS Priority Mail label for shipping plus insurance.