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BAQC Ethos and People

I (Heather) opened Bon Air Quilt Company because I believe quilts make connections. They are the threads of family history, they tell stories, send students on their way to new adventures and represent a lot of thought, respect, and love. In case it's not clear: I absolutely LOVE quilts.

Quilts hold stories of the lives of the women and men who make them, and also the journeys of the people receiving them. They connect us and as such Bon Air Quilt Company connects our family with a lot of really wonderful people all over the nation.

While I quilt and buy, my husband, David, provides technical support some evenings, teaching me how to use various technologies, providing perspective, wisdom, encouragement, and morning coffee. Mad love for such a man.

Our grown sons help on various tasks as well, from cutting fabrics to video editing.

I work in our basement packing orders, longarming other's quilts, and consulting on custom quilts. I spend my days sewing, tracking web sales, and using social media to share what we're up to. It's a pretty sweet gig and I feel gratitude for every sale, every customer, every opportunity to help another quilter learn, grow and achieve.