The BACQ Block of the Month is Coming This Month!

Well, all good things need to roll out sooner than Jan 2021 and so it is with our new block of the month (BOTM). Here's the sneak peak at our digital image.

quaran-triangle botm

As I was thinking about this new and exciting project, I also remembered that my husband, David, would often gift me quilty stuff for Christmas. Gift cards? Yes. Fabric? YES!! Patterns? Of course. Over the years, he's given a LOT of quilting products for Christmas and if you get such joy with a little fabric love under the tree, it seems only right for you to have the kind of holiday love that makes you happy. That is why we decided to release this BOTM in time for the Holiday Season!

Our excitement is bubbling over with this BOTM. A few things happened that makes this special to us here at Bon Air Quilt Company.

  1. I had the honor of working with one of my best friends, Kareemah, on this design. In fact, true confession: she built most of the block designs while I played around with sashing and color. Her eye for layout gives this quilt a modern yet timeless look.
  2. My husband David will be making the sample blocks. That means we are working ahead of you, building out test blocks, identifying problem areas, shooting video solutions, and putting together as many helpful resources as possible for your journey.
  3. I will be building blocks in different color ways. Here's where I get to have fun! Because Bon Air Quilt Company patterns should have different color options to speak to your particular color preferences, I will be working on an alternative color option for this pattern. I'm looking at kit ideas and how to bring fresh, new perspectives of color layout and color play into the pattern. You'll be able to use the pattern to create new looks of your own.
  4. This BOTM is all about you. We want to connect with you and see what you are doing! We want you to contact us with questions, concerns, and hurrays, and we want to see pictures of your work! Share your work with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (it does NOT have to be of our BOTM--it could be anything!). Tag us.

I'm convinced the secret to happy living is connecting with others, and with the pandemic ramping up, we've all lost some of the vibrancy of our in person connections. We hope you join us in building life-long quilty friendships!

Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know when the BOTM goes live. We are slated for Black Friday and we can not wait. In the meantime, healthy living and happy quilting!

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