It's Been Too Long!

I don't know if it's pandemic brain or what, but time is moving super fast for me. Maybe it's just being 47 and that's how it goes when you're about to eclipse the event horizon of 50? 

Maybe, but regardless I have updates for you all! 

1. I released 8 process videos on Youtube. It's a quick and dirty, behind the scenes look at how I tackle building a quilt without a pattern. I go through everything from my sloppy sketching and calculations (which weren't sloppy) to making mistakes in measuring (yep! I did it). It's a super honest look at what happens--good and bad. Our channel is here.

2. Another thing I've been thinking about has been a change to my business model. Rather than selling fabrics, I really want to work on designs and selling patterns/kits, teaching, and creating content. But Bon Air Quilt Company is also a business, so we must make money to sustain the dream. Dave (the husband and my IT support guy) and I are doing weekly strategy sessions and daily stand-ups to keep us focused and generating executable ideas. If you have ideas about how we can serve you better, please let us know! Email me here: bonairquiltco (AT) gmail (dot) com.

3. We do have a fat quarter sale about to launch. Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Insta or Facebook to get the exclusive code. The sale will start next week!

4. I stumbled upon this triangle calculator. If you need to do any triangle calculations, this should help! I used it on a recent project and it didn't lead me astray. 

That is about it. I'm under and mountain of work, which is a great space to inhabit. I have wishes of good fortune and great health for you all. Here's to slowly getting us all back to normal. 

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  • Hi Heather. I stumbled across your name when I was signing up for the quilt expo which I will be attending on Thursday. I live right off of Huguenot Rd by the St Edwards church. Your business ideas sound exciting! All aspects of quilting and Machine embroidery give me great enjoyment. I hope to meet you tomorrow at the Expo.

    Annamarie Kershaw

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