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Bon Air Quilt Company: Growing Our Vision

If you are following Bon Air Quilt Company on the socials (thank you!!), you have probably seen our color pallet for an upcoming design (shown here). The design I'm working on it for our first free pattern exclusively for those who've signed up for our newsletter (because what better way to thank quilters for letting us join their quilting journey??) We will be rolling out new, free patterns every 4-6 months and pairing them with some really great fabric collections to bring you fresh ideas to inspire your inner creative. This is all part of a new strategy to help provide greater value to our customers and friends.

If this sounds up your alley, sign up for our newsletter to join the BAQC family! And please share our url, tweets, posts, insta-posts, with your quilt friends.

We've also implemented some new behaviors to support our endeavors as business people who happen to be in the quilting/arts business and I want to share them with you (because transparency in business is 120% important):

1. Daily stand-ups help Dave (Mr. Bon Air) and I keep on task. Most days, it's just me checking in with him since he does have a full-time job **not** at Bon Air Quilt Co. We grab our cups of coffee first thing in the morning, I have my list, and we discuss what is to be done during the day. This helps focus my mind and it gives me daily goals to achieve while Dave works as a sounding board for the reality of what I want to do (my head is sometimes in the clouds a bit and he has to pull me down into reality).

Dave does work for me three evenings a week and on Saturdays. Some mornings, he updates me on what he's accomplished the evening before and what gaps he can see that need to be filled. Yin and Yang. Not sure who is who, but here we are.

2. During our Saturday morning strategy sessions, David and I pull up to talk strategy--sometimes one of our kids comes and joins us with ideas (the 18 yo especially loves to give us advice since he knows much more than we do about the world of the web--and life in general, of course!!) :)

One of the concerns we have identified is that many local quilt shops are closing across the country. How do we help BAQC survive this contraction? How do customers find us? How do we help customers feel valued and cared for during this time of stress and general upheaval? These are the important questions we ask and tease out answers to in our strategy sessions. To survive, we must make money. Start ups are notorious for failing in the first few years and I want this baby to fly!

One thing I'm very clear about with my business is that I don't want Bon Air Quilt Company to just be another quilt shop. I want my business to connect people. I want to build relationships with customers, build trust, provide a service that is valuable and value-oriented. How to do that is challenging, so we are nudging our way toward a place where we expand the vision and move toward something bigger and scalable. This means change which is a little uncomfortable, but also terribly exiting.

In the coming months you will see this change. I'm not happy with how the website is laid out. I want there to be more story to our store. I want you to have an easier time finding what you want. I want the suggestions filtered to you to make sense and to be relevant to your search. We are moving toward realizing these goals this year and I hope you love the results! Ultimately YOUR feedback will be valuable, so please keep talking to us! Send us ideas and thoughts. We might not be able to implement every idea (even great ones!) but we will listen and take every ideas seriously.

So I guess this is really a love letter to those of you who have supported us over the last year and a quarter--by reading this blog, subscribing to our YouTube channel, buying our products, asking us questions or following us on our socials. Regardless, we are so glad you are with us! We love hearing from you and we're really excited about what we are making happen in 2021. Mostly, I'm super-grateful to have you all in my corner, helping us as we grow this vision.


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