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Addressing the Non-Stabilized, Double-sided T-shirt Quilt Part 4: Extra Bulky Seams

Extra bulky seams. You know when you have them.They are the annoying and sometimes unsightly lump that you know your machine is going to give you the stink eye about. 

When you're doing double-sided quilts, you have seams all over the place. It's a bit aggravating, and often you literally can not lay them flat.

For this reason, my biggest tip is when quilting, quilt around the seams to avoid drag and the subsequent distortion of your t-shirts.

This is another reason to chose free motion--you just have a bit more control over where the quilting is going and how it's laying out. 

You can also lay seams flat, but I tend not to do that because there's a line of thinking that it weakens the seam. 

If you run into a seam, it's best to stop and pick out if necessary. It's a pain, but as soon as you feel like something isn't right, whether the way your machine sounds, the way stitches look or some other issue, stop.

Just go slow and you'll get it done! There is no magic bullet for this if you can't get the seams to lay flatter.

Ultimately, I'm happy with this double-sided gem. Is it perfect? No. I don't believe perfect is actually a thing. I am proud of the work I did and the challenges I met head on. 

Ultimately, double-sided quilts are the most challenging quilts you'll ever create, but if you're up for the challenge, great! If not, that is also OK.

Happy quilting and feel free to share your own experiences below.   

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