• Bon Air Quilt Company: Growing Our Vision

    This is really a love letter to those of you who have supported us--by reading this blog, subscribing to our YouTube channel, buying our products, asking us questions or following us on our socials
  • It's Been Too Long!

    A quick update since it's been so long on the blog!
  • Quaran-Triangle Block of the Month

    Join Heather and David from Bon Air Quilt Company as they share their thoughts and process for rolling out BAQ's very first Block of the Month pro...
  • The BACQ Block of the Month is Coming This Month!

    Well, all good things need to roll out sooner than Jan 2021 and so it is with our new block of the month (BOTM). Here's the sneak peak at our digit...
  • The Thief of Joy

    Perfection. We strive for it. We want it. We can’t have it.
  • Addressing Quilting Chalk and Dye Bleeds

    Pulling your quilt out of the wash only to find unsightly dye or chalk marks is a real heart stopper. This video explores how to get dye and chalk ...
  • Half Squares Will Have to Wait

    It's June 16th here in Virginia and despite being rainy, the day is shaping up to be beautiful temperature-wise. This month has brought enormous ch...
  • Quilt Sampler from Charm Packs (VIDEO)

    This is a great way to flex your creative muscles and practice piecing on the fly. Use up some of the charm packs you have laying round and let's see what you get!
  • Addressing the Non-Stabilized, Double-sided T-shirt Quilt Part 4: Extra Bulky Seams

    Extra bulky seams. You know when you have them.They are the annoying and sometimes unsightly lump that you know your machine is going to give you t...
  • Addressing the Non-Stabilized, Double-Sided T-shirt Quilt Part 3: Lining up the front and the back

    Double-sided quilts often require you line up the front and the back sides of a double-sided quilt. No easy feat, but totally do-able. Here's how I did it for my most recent double-sided project.
  • Using Hands to Smooth Tops With Un-Stabilized T-Shirts (VIDEO)

    Working with un-stabilized t-shirt quilt tops is rewarding, but it requires some finesse. Here, I'll show you how I use my hands to smooth over tro...
  • Addressing the Non-Stabilized, Double-sided T-shirt Quilt Part 2: Preserving Graphics

    Quilting over graphics can bring on some hot debates in the quilting world. Having said that, I fall pretty heavily on one side of preserving graphics, but sometime you just have to quilt over it and call it a day. Join me as I discuss double-sided quilts and the potential issues graphics may present.