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Q: Do you make t-shirt quilts? And if so, how much are they?

A: Yes! We certainly do make t-shirt and memory quilts. Most projects are addressed at this link.

Q: Do you longarm quilt tops?

A: Yes! We also have batting and backing on offer. The quick and dirty is that we charge 2.5 cents per square inch. For more information, hit up our longarm page.

Q: Do you have a storefront?

A: As of now, no. We are actively looking for a good space in Bon Air that is ADA compliant, has room for a working studio, space for classes and a retail section.

Until we find a place, you are welcome to call Heather at 804-335-6042 if you want to browse our offerings in person, need a quilt finished, or just need a little support and problem solving.

Q: Do you teach classes?

A: Right now, we do not have a space for teaching traditional classes. Heather does 1:1 lessons for $30 per hour until such time that we have a space and regular class schedule.